Orthopedics and Hoseline Advancement & Pump Operations Drills for 03/25/24
By Vista Fire Department
March 26, 2024

This week's Monday Night Drill was a "Hoseline Advancement & Pump Operations" drill for our Firefighters and a "Orthopedics" drill for our EMTs.

The "Hoseline Advancement & Pump Operations" drill had our Vista Firefighters reviewing how to stretch an 1-3/4" hoseline off of Engine 143 while conducting several different scenarios. As Vista Fire Department personnel practiced stretching the hoselines, our motor pump operators reviewed how they would supply the fire attack teams with water if they were operating the Engine 143 and Tanker 4 pump panels. Our Vista Fire Department personnel are now better prepared to properly respond to fire related incidents following the conclusion of this Monday's drill.

The "Orthopedics" drill had our Vista EMS personnel going over how to treat emergencies in relation to the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedics drill focused on bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joint related injuries so our Vista EMS personnel could practice how to handle these types of related incidents for when they see it out in the field. Following the conclusion of this drill our Vista EMS personnel are now better trained to properly respond to orthopedic related incidents. We would like to thank Barbara Polowczyk for leading our drill this past Monday and teaching our Vista EMS personnel!

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