Fire Call Scenarios Drill for 09/19/22
By Vista Fire Department
September 20, 2022

This week's Monday drill was a "Fire Call Scenarios" drill for our members.

The "Fire Call Scenarios" drill had our Vista Firefighters practicing how to stretch 200 feet of 1-3/4" hoseline and simulated extinguishing a fire on the first floor. While the first scenario was being conducted Vista EMS personnel dealt with a patient who jumped from a second floor window by tending to their injuries. For the final scenario our Vista Firefighters stretched hosline to the roof top unit fire while also conducting ladder operations.

In an effort to closely monitor our Firefighters’ performance throughout each evolution, Vista EMS personnel followed up with rehab and vitals on every participating Firefighter. Due to the dangers that come with Firefighting, rehab operations play a crucial role in making sure all of our emergency responders stay safe. The Vista Fire Department is fortunate enough to offer both Fire & EMS services which allows our members to train together in crucial scenarios such as these. Practicing on how we respond and then handle different types of fire related emergencies is important to cover with our personnel so that they are better prepared for various types of fire response in the near future.

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