Search & Rescue Drill for 06/13/22
By Vista Fire Department
June 14, 2022

This week's Monday drill was a "Search & Rescue" drill for our members.

The "Search & Rescue" drill had our Vista Firefighters reviewing search & rescue techniques that included using a 200 foot search rope in a commercial building setting. Vista Firefighters practiced tethering off of the main rope by utilizing a 25 foot personal rope accompanied by a 6 foot hook. This type of training helped our Firefighters better prepare themselves for the challenges they may face in a commercial fire atmosphere when they may need to exit a building or conduct various tasks such as a search & rescue.

While our Firefighters were participating in several scenarios, our Vista EMS personnel practiced "Rehab Operations" which was designed to ensure Firefighters' physical and/or mental well-being during an emergency scene. Due to the dangers that come with Firefighting, rehab operations plays a crucial role in making sure all of our emergency responders stay safe. The Vista Fire Department is fortunate enough to offer both Fire & EMS services which allows our members to train together in scenarios such as these.

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