EMT Skills Class for 01/19/22
By Vista Fire Department
January 21, 2022

On Wednesday, January 19th, Vista EMT Candidates participated in unit 2 of our 6 unit EMT Fundamentals class. This unit covers lifting and moving in regards to proper body mechanics, as well as different methods and tools used to package patients. Body mechanics is a perpetually important topic for first responders given that EMTs are most likely to suffer from a back injury over any other leading cause of injury throughout their career.

Lifting and moving patients can be a personnel-intensive operation. EMT Candidates Judith Le Gall and Savannah Phillips, who are both more experienced candidates, were on hand to help teach our newest EMT Candidate, Ryan Huntsman, the basics and act as assistants for certain demonstrations.

Our most commonly used patient moving devices are the stretcher and stair chair. However candidates are required to know all of the tools at their disposal and how to use them effectively if needed. Each candidate also identifies and practices with backboards, reeves stretchers, scoop stretchers, and stokes baskets.

At the end of the classroom presentation, candidates and instructors moved to the apparatus bay floor to practice all of the skills taught during the preceding slideshow.

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