EMT Skills Class for 01/05/22
By Vista Fire Department
January 7, 2022

On Wednesday, January 5th, our newest Probationary EMT Candidate Ryan Huntsman began our EMT Fundamentals class series. This class series helps our newest members get acclimated to and understand the responsibilities of acting as an EMT in our department. Topics include scene safety, health and well-being of the EMT, lifting and moving techniques, anatomy and physiology, EMS/EMT terminology, medical basics, and trauma basics. This internal class series runs for approximately 3 months and concludes with the respective candidate enrolling in a state certification class.

During Wednesday’s EMT Fundamentals class, Foreman Eleanor Hersam also assisted Probationary EMT Candidate Savannah Phillips prepare for her National Registry Psychomotor exam by reviewing her practical stations. Every EMT Candidate is required to pass not only a written exam, but also an evaluation of their practical skills at the state or national level prior to obtaining their certification.

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