Search & Rescue and EMS CME Drills for 09/20/21
By Vista Fire Department
September 21, 2021

This week's Monday Night Drill was a "Search & Rescue" drill for our Firefighters and an "EMS CME" drill for our EMTs.

The "Search & Rescue" drill had our Vista Firefighters performing search & rescue operations by conducting searches for an entrapped patient in a structure fire scenario. Once they located the patient, firefighters removed the patient out of the structure and simulated what they would tell outside EMS personnel based off of the patient assessment they found as they extricated the patient. This type of training helps our firefighters better prepare themselves for the challenges they may face in a structure fire atmosphere when they may need to exit a building or conduct various tasks such as a search & rescue.

The "EMS CME" drill had our Vista EMS personnel reviewing abdominal, geni-renal, GI, hematology, respiratory and psychiatric for this month's CME class. The continuing medical education (CME) program helps train our Vista EMS personnel throughout the year so they can continue to serve our community at its highest level by keeping up on several skills.

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