Engine Company Operations - Hose Line Advancement and Cardiac Arrest Drills for 07/20/20
By Vista Fire Department
July 21, 2020

This week's Monday Night Drill was an "Engine Company Operations - Hose Line Advancement" drill for our Firefighters and a "Cardiac Arrest" drill for our EMTs.

The "Engine Company Operations - Hose Line Advancement" drill had our Vista Firefighters reviewing how to stretch a bumper line and 2-1/2" hose lines off of Engine 141. As Vista Fire Department personnel practiced stretching the hose lines, our motor pump operators practiced supplying the fire attack teams with water by operating Engine 141's pump panel. Lastly our members concluded the drill by going over drafting operations to practice refilling Engine 141 with water after a fire has occurred.

The "Cardiac Arrest" drill had our Vista EMS personnel going over how to handle a cardiac arrest emergency and the proper protocols for these types of events. Members went over the type of equipment needed off of the ambulances during a cardiac arrest and then put their knowledge to the test by conducting cardiac arrest scenarios for both adult & infant patients.

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