V.E.I.S. Webinar and Blast Injuries Webinar Drills for 05/18/20
By Vista Fire Department
May 20, 2020

This week's Monday drills were a "V.E.I.S. Webinar" for our Firefighters and a "Blast Injuries Webinar" for our EMTs. Both of these drills had our members logging onto their computers due to the COVID-19 pandemic as the Vista Fire Department continues with holding online learning.

The "V.E.I.S. Webinar" drill had our Vista Firefighters reviewing the Firefighting technique known as V.E.I.S. which is vent, enter, isolate and search. Vista Firefighting personnel received a history of how the V.E.I.S technique was developed, why V.E.I.S would take place during a fire and the determining factors of performing V.E.I.S. during an incident. The V.E.I.S technique is a way for Firefighters to conduct a coordinated rescue in the event of an emergency.

The "Blast Injuries Webinar" drill had our Vista EMS personnel conducting an overview of medical preparedness and response to a patient dealing with an injury caused from an explosion. Vista EMTs conducted an overview of the signs & symptoms from a blast injuries patient, how to manage the injuries caused from a blast injury and an overview of both high-order & low-order explosives. Our EMS personnel also reviewed a recent history of blast injury incidents and how EMS personnel on the scene dealt with the injuries that occurred.

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