Sunday Training for 03/08/20
By Vista Fire Department
March 9, 2020

This Sunday morning we held a "Firefighter Skills Class," and a "Motor Pump Operators Class" for our weekly Sunday Training.

This Sunday's "Firefighter Skills Class" had our Firefighting personnel going over the equipment on Engine 141 to better understand how to operate during a call. This type of training is what will help our Firefighters who plan on attending the New York State Firefighter I program succeed in their class and for our Firefighters who have completed Firefighter I to keep up with their skills.

This Sunday's "Motor Pump Operators Class" had our prospective apparatus drivers going over how to operate the Engine 142 and Tanker 4 pump panels during a tanker shuttle scenario. A "tanker shuttle" is where Firefighters are forced to move water via tankers due to areas with no fire hydrants or good drafting resources. This type of training is what will help our prospective Apparatus Drivers become cleared drivers on Engine 142 and Tanker 4.

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