Forcible Entry and EMS Trivia Night Drills for 07/22/19
By Vista Fire Department
July 30, 2019

This week's Monday Night Drill was "Forcible Entry" for our Firefighters and "EMS Trivia Night" for our EMTs.

The "Forcible Entry" drill had our Vista Firefighters reviewing the proper procedures and techniques on how to force open a door in the event of a Fire. The term "forcible entry" is defined as the act of gaining entry into a building or occupancy via a door, window or even through a wall, by the use of force. The Vista Firefighters specifically focused their training this Monday on gaining entry via a door by using our Forcible Entry prop.

The "EMS Trivia Night" drill had our Vista EMS personnel competing in a friendly competition to see which team knew the most about everything EMS. Vista EMS personnel competed in three rounds that measured their EMS knowledge through trivia questions, a hands on skills round and which team knew the Ambulance better than their competition in the final round! When the completion was over, the Ambulance 84B2 team won the "EMS Trivia Night!"

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