Ladders and MCI & Triage Operations Drill for 04/08/19
By Vista Fire Department
April 9, 2019

This week's Monday Night Drill was a "Ladders" drill for our Firefighters and a "MCI & Triage Operations" drill for our EMTs.

The "Ladders" drill had our Vista Firefighters practice proper ladder placement techniques, how to handle Firefighting roof operations and how to properly carry tools & equipment while operating on a ladder. It's crucial for Vista Firefighters to practice ladder operations as it's an important task on the Emergency scene. Ladder operations are essential when it comes to venting a structure or giving Firefighters a way to exit a building should they need to if situations worsen.

The "MCI & Triage Operations" drill had our Vista EMS personnel reviewing our mass casualty incident (MCI) standard operating guideline (SOG) on how we would respond to these types of emergencies and the role incident command plays in these type of events. Our EMS personnel then walked through several triage and MCI scenarios by going over how they would handle patient care during an MCI incident.

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