Hanukkah Fire Safety Tips
By Vista Fire Department
December 2, 2018

In honor of the Hanukkah holiday, the Israel Fire and Rescue Authority has published a number of safety guidelines. Follow these tips and you can prevent fires and keep your family safe:

-- Most "arts and crafts" Hanukkah lamps ("Hanukkya"), made by children are not suitable for lighting and may burn down when used.

-- Place the Hanukkah lamp on a sturdy surface made of nonflammable material such as marble, glass or metal.

-- Place the Hanukkah candles ONLY inside the Hanukkah lamp or candlesticks made of nonflammable material.

-- Do not place the Hanukkah lamp near or under any flammable material such as curtains or books.

-- Do not walk around while holding a lit candle.

-- Do not place the Hanukkah lamp in a location where it can be knocked over - either by a passing person or the wind, or where something can fall on it.

-- Keep matches and lit objects away from children.

-- Make sure your pet cannot reach the Hanukkah lamp.

-- Never leave a lit Hanukkah lamp unattended!

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