Firefighter/EMT Candidate Ryan Ruggiero completes EMT-Basic class
By Vista Fire Department
September 6, 2018

We at the Vista Fire Department would like to congratulate Firefighter/EMT Candidate Ryan Ruggiero on completing EMT-Basic class as he is now a New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician! The hard work and dedication Firefighter/EMT Candidate Ruggiero exemplified while taking this course represents the pride our Vista FD volunteers strive to achieve on a daily basis.

Topics covered in the EMT-Basic class include:

- Respiratory emergencies
- Cardiac emergencies
- Strokes
- Seizures
- Trauma
- Childbirth emergencies

Being that the Vista Fire Department also runs EMS, we are always looking for EMTs!

If you are interested in taking the course please click the "Become a Member" tab at for more details.