Ladder Operations and Rehab Operations Drill for 04/09/18
By Vista Fire Department
April 10, 2018

This week's Monday Night Drill was "Ladder Operations" for our Firefighters and a "Rehab Operations" drill for our EMTs.

The "Ladders Operations" drill led by Lt. Phil Katz had our Firefighters practice proper ladder placement techniques, how to handle Firefighting roof operations and how to properly carry tools & equipment while operating on a ladder. It's crucial for Vista Firefighters to practice ladder operations as it's an important task on the Emergency scene. Ladder operations are essential when it comes to venting a structure or giving Firefighters a way to exit a building should they need to if situations worsen.

The "Rehab Operations" drill led by Capt. Debbie Ferman had our EMS personnel reviewing how to conduct a rehab station on a scene. "Rehab Operations" on an emergency scene is an area for first responders to get medically checked out by EMS personnel to make sure they are healthy enough to continue performing firefighting tactics as it is designed to ensure Firefighters physical and/or mental well-being during an emergency scene. Due to the dangers that come with Firefighting, rehab operations plays a crucial role in making sure all of our emergency responders stay safe.

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